When it comes to facial hair, do what makes you feel good, but first, please hear me out.

Many guys prefer to sport facial hair that I feel is, well, hideous.  But that’s just my opinion.  I’m not an expert, I just run a company that is dedicated to keeping men appearing and feeling well-groomed (wink).

Needless to say, facial hair is in style, and it is not a bad thing.  I even sport a little myself.  The new class of the unshaven are even creeping into that anti-facial hair establishment of old–the bank.  An unshaven bank teller, you say?  Yes, and for once banking felt a little more chill.  Gotta love California.

A little facial hair can pull a look together, but always remember that the man makes the beard, not the other way around. It’s not cool to be known as “that guy with the beard”.

There are a number of allowable DOs when it comes to facial hair, but there are also some serious DON’Ts to avoid.  Here are the DON’Ts of facial hair and how to remedy them.

#1 DON’T: The Full Bum Beard


This is the one that says, I’ve given up on my dreams, and I’m okay with that.  While the self-awareness is commendable, it is also an announcement to the world.  Keep your dreams alive and stay fresh.

The right way to pull this off: Get rich or enlightened

Don’t fool yourself, you are probably not Brad Pitt. Most of us live in the real world. Unless you are a guru, a rockstar, or you have a reality show about a duck whistles and bearded men, you should shy away from this look. People might just confuse your great ambitions for those of the Unabomber. But, again, it’s not about other people. If you are a bum at heart, than you go for it!

#2 DON’T: The 1-day stubble Beard


A.K.A. the “Slacker” look.  It screams I don’t care who I bump into today because no one cares anyway. This is a sad look for you.  Regardless how you feel, that is the perception. A non-deliberate looking shadow of facial hair looks like you either forgot to shave or you don’t care. The upside, though, is that if you don’t care, nobody will ever mistakenly judge you.

The right way to pull this off: 2-3 Day Stubble

This is one of the most popular looks going.  If done right and it is consistent, it looks natural, but also deliberate enough to know that you haven’t just gotten lazy.  Consistency is key to pulling this off.  It actually takes work to maintain this look, and you will need the right trimming tool at your disposal to keep the length in tact, since some patches of hair grow faster than others.

#3 DON’T: The Dad Beard


When facial hair was out-of-style, this beard made frequent appearances at dinner tables around the country. It was often accompanied by a cardigan and a simple ensemble completely devoid of style. This bushy mane hid the man by masking any hint of a jaw line or facial expression below the fray.  It probably also robbed him of many potential female companions.  Somehow, some mom somewhere got stuck with him.

The right way to pull this off: Keep it trimmed

Wait, all dad had to do was trim it back some, and he wouldn’t have been such a bore?  Yes, it’s true!  If you have a bit of nostalgia for the beard-mask of days gone by, you can pull it off.  Just don’t let it grow to the point where your facial structure gets hidden.  Use a #2 (or at the most #3) trimmer attachment. This will allow you to have the coverage you are looking for, but people can still see the man behind the mane.

#4 DON’T: The Wannabeard

Some people can’t grow a proper beard… not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, we’ve all seen the guy who’s walking around with 15 stray hairs on his upper lip and chin, and wonder where he got the idea that it looks good. He’s what we call a wannabeard. He is bursting with so much excitement that everyone can see what a big boy he is that he lets his desire for facial hair cloud his perception of reality. Luckily, if you are the better at something that people love (hockey) than anyone else in the world (Sidney Crosby), you can probably get away with it now and postpone your regret until the photos surface again years from now.

The right way to pull this off: Clean shave

You’re a man, be a man. If you can’t grow facial hair do what men have done for millenia and continue to do, shave your face clean. A lot of men choose to do this because they prefer it. They consider shaving an exercise in masculinity. It looks good.  P.S. A woman will always (except in cases of gurus, rockstars, and reality TV stars) prefer a nice clean shave over bad facial hair.

#5 DON’T: The Graphic Design Beard


I’m going to try not to be too judgmental. This is odd. Beard art is not classy. It shows that you deliberately took the time to design your hair into the shape of an orsid (Egyptian Pharoah goatee–see you learned something). Is this supposed to visually prep people before they meet you, so that know you are a reincarnation of an Egyptian Pharoah? Maybe it means I like Pharoahs and I talk to cats. So, maybe this isn’t so odd after all.

The right way to pull this off: Let your personality shine through

Yes, a good sense of style and fashion says a lot about your personality, no question. However, creating shock value through unorthodox methods usually backfires for most of us. You just have to consider the audience you to which you are trying to connect on a daily basis. There is a place for everything, even beard art (say a superhero-themed party or Halloween). More importantly, there is a place for everyone.  I say, let your personality lead, and consider your (modifiable) appearance only an extension of who you are at your core. And, this is important–if your appearance is the only thing that can speak for you at the moment, let it express the confidence, security, and go-getterness that resides within you.




A Gentleman carries himself with grace.
He follows the Tao.
He neither carries himself too loosely nor keeps himself too tightly wound.
He carries himself with a confidence that is rooted in the humble understanding that the universe surrounding him is much greater than himself.
He listens fully before speaking.

A Gentleman understands that the life of the party is not synonymous with shock value.
He dresses appropriately for the event he is attending.
He is aware that ladies come first in almost every situation at the party.
He carries himself with a confidence that is rooted in the humble understanding that the universe surrounding him is much greater than himself.

A Gentleman prepares ahead of time should he choose to imbibe cocktails at the party.
He keeps his wits about him.
A Gentleman understands that he is the keeper of his own reputation.

A Gentleman does not judge, but uses grace to bow out of baseless conversation and gossip.
He finds pleasure in the group’s happiness.
He takes the initiative to strike up conversation with the man who stands off in the corner by himself.
He keeps the conversation focused on the positive.

Silently, within himself, a Gentleman wishes the best of health, happiness, and prosperity for himself, his loved ones, and the everyone with whom he comes in contact.


Swagger is not a new word, but it’s being used like it’s going out of style.  So what is it, who’s got it, and why do the have it?  More importantly, how can you maintain your own swagger?   Here’s a list of the top 5 gents who got a certain swag that is uniquely their own.  Follow their lead, but make it your own—the worst thing you can do to gain swagger is to be a me too.

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It’s that time of year when we get to celebrate the man who helped us become the men we are today and the traditions that are passed from father to son.   One tradition that rarely gets missed is shaving.  We all loathe the process as much as our dads did, but we can also appreciate the precision with which dad could do it.  But of course, as much as we might try, we’re not our dads, We’ve kept some of the good tips from dad, but also picked up some new ones perfect our own styles of shaving.

Whether you keep the tips from dad or use some of the new school techniques, you’ll find that a bottle of Tao of Man can fit in within any natural men’s skincare regimen to help you get the perfect shave.

Dad’s shaving technique #1: Shaving Foam

Take a look at the picture at the top of this post.  It is a classic image of the old school way of shaving.  Lather up, so that your whiskers stand at attention, waiting for their cut.

The new school alternative: While the image of dad with a face full of foam may create a sense of nostalgia, those foams usually have more than a few toxic ingredients that give them their high level of foam and texture.  A lot of men today are opting for all-natural shave gels or shaving creams, many of which produce little foam.  There are natural ingredients around today that allow you to get an incredibly close shave that were not available back in Pop’s day.

Dad’s shaving technique #2: Single or Double Razor blades

On this one, dad had it right.  K.I.S.S.—Keep It Simple Stupid.  To get a close shave, you don’t need more than one or two blades in your razor.  Dad always got a great shave, and his razor had few bells and whistles. The new school alternative: Whether it is the newest vibrating handle or the new cartridge with 5 blades, you will be paying more for the marketing, not the practical use of the product.  Razor companies sell you the handle cheap, and then they’ve got a captive market for their overpriced razors. It’s a win for them, but not necessarily for you.  Stick with dad on this one.

Dad’s technique #3: Aftershave Dad had a serious problem.  He loved a close shave, but the close shave and chemical foaming cream left his skin prone to irritation and ingrown hairs.  His solution? Rubbing some scented alcohol onto his face and neck. While it worked, it also significantly dried his skin out over time, leading to premature stretching and wrinkling of the skin.

The new school alternative: There are alcohol-free natural aftershave lotions available today. Dads and sons alike are using products like Tao of Man Daily Skin Defense, which uses a highly concentrated herbal formula with ingredients like Ginseng, Licorice Root, and Goji Berry as an alternative to alcohol-based aftershaves. Whereas a traditional aftershave will dry out the skin, Tao of Man natural men’s aftershave lotions actually provide all the benefits of a traditional aftershave, and also use Hyaluronic Acid to keep the skin moisturized and protected against premature aging throughout the day.  Whether you shave or not on a given day, Tao of Man is still the ideal everyday anti-aging moisturizer.

There are few things that suck more that buying razor blade cartridges. I hate using the word “hate,” but in this instance it’s the best word to describe my feeling when I’m getting rung up at the register for razor blade cartridges.

You know the deal. You bought the razor handle cheap, but now you feel like an sucker every time you buy blade cartridges because you know they’re sticking it to you… but that’s because you let ‘em. They’ve got the market on lock, and you let them lead you like pigs to slaughter.

Look, at Tao of Man, we’re experts on keeping your mug looking fresh and we’re also a fair company, so we would be remiss if we didn’t come out with some solutions every now and then that allow you to stick it right back to the man.

Today’s lesson:  Significantly increase the lifetime of your blade cartridges by taking one RIDICULOUSLY simple step after each shave.

What does the average guy do with his razor blade right after he shaves?

He sets it on the counter, rinses his face, dries his face, then uses a natural aftershave (hopefully, Tao of Man), then puts his razor away in the drawer.

So what’s the bid deal?

Well, this is where the man laughs all the way to the bank.  You just put your razor with wet blades back in the drawer.  Until that water dries up naturally, it will wreak havoc by microscopically corroding your razor’s sharp edge, so the next time you go to use your razor, you get a significantly more dull shave.  Within a couple more uses, your once sharp blade begins to tug at your facial hair rather than making a clean cut.  When this happens, you get nicks, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. And The Man knows you’d rather buy expensive new razor blade cartridges than deal with that.

When your blade gets dull, the solution is not to use more shaving cream. Just ask Aaron Rodgers.

So what’s the solution?

It’s so freakin’ simple that the answer is really quick, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it:

Before you put your razor back in the drawer, dry the blades! This is as simple as getting a small cloth or facial tissue and running it along the blades. Don’t forget to run the cloth along the backside of the blades too.  Did you get that?  That was the entire answer.  Thanks for reading.

But, if you still don’t understand, you might be a visual learner.  Here’s a picture for you…

This is NOT where you store your razors. The water drops may be visually stunning, but they are BAD for your razor.

Do you want to know how effective this is?

Consumer advocate Clark Howard used the same razor blade for 12 months using this technique.

I don’t use my razors that long, but I have extended the life of my razor cartridges from a week to 2-3 months.  That’s more than a 700% increase in the life of my razor blades. With all that extra money you save, you can do amazing things like buy the matching car for your hood:

Cause yellow just ain't working for you, bud.

If you are too busy to dry your razor, then here’s another solution: Get a life.

Seriously, it takes 10 seconds.

C. George

In the Ideal Man’s pursuit of perfection, he has but few details that cannot be overlooked before he steps out his front door—{1} a well-maintained coif upon his head {2} freshly laundered and fresh-to-death threads {3) a cleanly shaven or finely groomed mane {4} a compassionate understanding of the world around him, and {5} the attitude that he will… take on… the world… today.

Attention to detail is what separates the Ideal Man from his less-than-ideal counterparts.  And when it comes to his skin, the Ideal Man needs an ideal product to meet his needs for a clear, cleansed, hydrated, and noticeably remarkable mug.

 …[Enter] Daily Skin Defense by Tao of Man.  A product that is a standard for even the most ideal of Ideal Men [insert your name here].  A product that respects your need to care for your skin, and also the limited time you have to do it.

You’re not a princess.  You need {1} effective product to use every day, [not ten].  Every moment—and dollar—you spend on extra products you don’t need is one moment less that you have to conquer your world.  Destiny awaits you, Ideal Man… and she’s expecting you to be looking damn good.