--> Shave (or not) Like Dad: 3 of Dad's Favorite Shaving tips

Shave (or not) Like Dad: 3 of Dad's Favorite Shaving tips

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It’s that time of year when we get to celebrate the man who helped us become the men we are today and the traditions that are passed from father to son. One tradition that rarely gets missed is shaving. We all loathe the process as much as our dads did, but we can also appreciate the precision with which dad could do it. But of course, as much as we might try, we’re not our dads, We’ve kept some of the good tips from dad, but also picked up some new ones perfect our own styles of shaving.

Whether you keep the tips from dad or use some of the new school techniques, you’ll find that a bottle of Tao of Man can fit in within any natural men's skincare regimen to help you get the perfect shave.

Dad’s shaving technique #1:   Shaving Foam

Take a look at the picture at the top of this post. It is a classic image of the old school way of shaving.  Lather up, so that your whiskers stand at attention, waiting for their cut.

The new school alternative:   While the image of dad with a face full of foam may create a sense of nostalgia, those foams usually have more than a few toxic ingredients that give them their high level of foam and texture. A lot of men today are opting for all-natural shave gels or shaving creams, many of which produce little foam. There are natural ingredients around today that allow you to get an incredibly close shave that were not available back in Pop’s day.

Dad’s shaving technique #2:   Single or Double Razor blades

On this one, dad had it right.  K.I.S.S.—Keep It Simple Stupid.  To get a close shave, you don’t need more than one or two blades in your razor.  Dad always got a great shave, and his razor had few bells and whistles. The new school alternative: Whether it is the newest vibrating handle or the new cartridge with 5 blades, you will be paying more for the marketing, not the practical use of the product. Razor companies sell you the handle cheap, and then they’ve got a captive market for their overpriced razors. It’s a win for them, but not necessarily for you. Stick with dad on this one.

Dad’s technique #3:   Aftershave

Dad had a serious problem. He loved a close shave, but the close shave and chemical foaming cream left his skin prone to irritation and ingrown hairs. His solution? Rubbing some scented alcohol onto his face and neck. While it worked, it also significantly dried his skin out over time, leading to premature stretching and wrinkling of the skin.

The new school alternative:   There are alcohol-free natural aftershave lotions available today. Dads and sons alike are using products like Tao of Man's Daily Skin Defense, which uses a highly concentrated herbal formula with ingredients like Ginseng, Licorice Root, and Goji Berry as an alternative to alcohol-based aftershaves. Whereas a traditional aftershave will dry out the skin, Tao of Man natural men's aftershave lotions actually provide all the benefits of a traditional aftershave, and also use Hyaluronic Acid to keep the skin moisturized and protected against premature aging throughout the day. Whether you shave or not on a given day, Tao of Man is still the ideal everyday anti-aging moisturizer.